I have combined my critter tanks into a 150 gallon tank.
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Turtles, Snails, and Minnows

Forty Gallon Breeder (extra wide) tank has a gravel substrate with many river
rocks and a couple ledges with a waterfall fed by a tube attached to a Fluval
3 filter. There are two red-eared sliders, a mud turtle, and a painted turtle plus
3 impressive snails: Ramshorn, Apple, Mysterious. I also pull out snails from
my 3 fish tanks for them to eat, by they don't. The turtles are fed drowned
crickets from the other vivaria + a wide assortment of fish and turtle food.
Everyone in this tank eats copious amounts of dark leafy greens.

The painted turtle is struggling to get up. Hiding under the fall is the mud turtle.

One of the red-eared sliders. They have doubled in size in just one week.

The three main snails posed for this shot, of course.

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