I have combined the 120 and 75 tanks.
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Aquarium for 3 Turtles, a few Convicts, snails and Whatever

The 120 gallon tank is half full, gravel substrate, many rocks and a basking area under
a 75 watt bulb. There are two 48" fluorescent bulbs, one a uvb and one a plant bulb.
Filtration is by two Fluval 4+'s, one at each end and 80 degree temperature is maintained
by a titanium 250 at one end and an enclosed 100 at the other. The exploding guppy
population is kept somewhat in check by five Convict cichlids. Notice the Apple snail
eggs on the glass to the left of the perched Painted trutle, Donna. At bottom right above
you can see Twinkle Toes, my little Mud Turtle. In the photo below left is my as yet
unnamed Red Eared Slider. Maybe Betty Sue or some such thing. I feed everyone fish
food and lettuce, various turtle pellets and surplus crickets when I have them.


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