THE RAINS CAME and with the rain came every weakness in the construction of the pond. It soaked the ground under the liner, the ground swelled and bulged into the pond, thereby lowering the liner below water level. The rocks fell in along one side. It was a mess. The very pleasant person who installed the ponds assured me he would be out and remedy the situation.

Well, I'm not the first person who's waited and waited. I spent at least one hour per day trying to save the pond and finally decided to call for help. Help arrived the next day. Here's the difference after emptying the whole pond, reconstructing the walls, recreating the waterfalls, installing an entirely different filter system, placing the pumps where they belong at the farthest end, and generally making a beautiful and solid watery world for my lovely fish. They also corrected the electrical stuff, part of which was underwater, and was wired backwards.

The redone pond is on the right and the yet to be redone one is on the left.


The next step is to pull back all the rocks on the bigger pond to the left, pull out the caving portions of the liner, install rocks that I can walk all around, install a skimmer, and much larger pump, which will be placed correctly at the far end from the falls which will be reconstructed, possibly with a filter under the tiny upper pond. If possible, that will be enlarged as I originally requested.