Pasta a la Whatever

This particular pasta made use of all the tomatoes I hollowed out for the big dinner the night before.  I added a dry pesto to the top.    Usually I use only 4 ounces flour and one egg for 2 people, but this dinner included teen-agers, so I doubled the amount.  We ate pasta for two nights after they all went home.  Like pizza, almost anything goes on top.  Pizza I make every Saturday because I make bread that day and simply use a piece of the same dough.  On our first night I filled the pizza with goat meat and goat cheese and even drank Bully Hill Goat wine.  After all, this is family and supposed to be fun. Generally, I pretty much empty the fridge into the Saturday pizza, so I can shop Sunday morning for all fresh stuff and no old veggies left hiding in a corner.