JANUARY 1 1975
Us with Marj and Arthur

Almond soup

Roast goose
Potatoes anna, glazed carrots

Mixed salad

My Own Cheese!

Buche de Noel


Henisch Zimmerman Gold Grecco


Clam soup with mushrooms, lily buds,
spinach, green onions

Cucumbers stuffed with artichokes and rice

Egyptian Lemon Chicken with olives
Potatoes lorette with cheese

Mixed Green salad

MY herb cheese with buttermilk
And half and half

Mocha cake

Turkish coffee
Glazed orange peel, apples, nuts
Armagnac, Port

Rose, Penn Shore white (bad), Verdicchio white, Asti Spumante


Rozens Engles Hamiltons Grecco


Prosciutto, honeydew melon, pearl onions, parsley

Flounder with grape butter egg sauce

Chicken braised with olives and lily buds
Fettucini al burro, 4 wild mushrooms: polyporous sulphureous lepiota naucina lepiota procera c.com

Boston lettuce salad

Home made herb cheese

Coffee ice with whipped cream and meringues

Turkish coffee, chocolate truffles, fruit
Cognac, cointreau, port

Moselle, Bordeaux, Orvieto


Feldmans, Glenn, Cutlers, Steeles


Artichoke soup

Smoked salmon quiche with olives and fennel

Braised rabbit with chestnuts
Lily buds, wild mushrooms

Salad of boston lettuce

Home made goat’s cheese

Coffee ice with whipped cream

Chocolatine petit fours

Turkish coffee, fruit, nuts
Cognac Irish mist

Conestoga white, cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir


Lumleys, Henisches, Allcocks

Prosciutto, honeydew, capers, pearl onions, parsley

Chicken stuffed with sunflower seeds, cheese, bread
Cream and Madeira sauce

Lily buds, wild mushrooms, fettucini

Greek salad with feta

Coffee ice with madeleines

Expresso, chocolate truffles, figs
Cognac, port, Irish mist, fruit

Pennsylvania white


Zimmermans, Richeys, Hamilton

Chestnut soup

2 ducks with oranges
lepiota procera, tricholoma nudum, potato balls

Greek salad with feta

Burnt cream and madeleines

Expresso, cognac, port, drambuie

Pa.white, alexis lichine cabernet sauvignon, paul masson cabernet


Cutlers, Eskews

Quail eggs vinagrette, olives

Corn Chowder

Braised Turkey with orange sauce
stuffed with chestnuts, ham, bread
baked sweet potatoes, artichokes, wild mushrooms

Mixed salad

My own cheese

Cranberry pie and my own mince meat pie

Expresso and liqueurs

Conestoga red


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