Vivarium for Fire-Bellied Toads
Fire--Bellied Newts +Dwarf African Frogs

The vivarium is a twenty gallon long tank with gravel substrate, many river stones,
and a slate shelf covered with moss. There is a hose attached to the Fluval 2 filter
leading to a small waterfall off the shelf. Heating is 25 watts submerged.
Two separate lamps 10 inches above the tank hold a small spectrum bulb
and a "plant-gro" bulb.

The blur of spotty green are two Oriental Fire-Bellies. I couldn't get the newts
to pose at all and the Dwarf Africans looked like exclamation marks.

I will continue to try. The toads eat crickets every other day
and wax worms every day.The newts like the same fare.
The Dwarfs have a variety of fish food.

That's one little toad enjoying the shower

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