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Another Saltwater Tank Change

(for an ID chart, go to: SaltwaterIDchart.html

What a job!          Leave well enough alone?  If it ain't broke, don't fix it? It's not in the fish hobbyist's nature to do that, is it? Is there even one of you looking at this page who doesn't enjoy the setting up more than any other aspect of fish-keeping? It's a creative pastime for all of us, it seems.

I had five tanks plus two ponds: 29sw, 38 community, 55 cichlids, 75 toads and fish, 120 turtles and fish.  I removed the fish from the 38 to the turtle and toad tanks, squeezed the cichlids into the 38 after doing a massive clean-up job of what I thought was a tidy tank, scrubbed the 55 and transferred all the sand, rock, corals, and fish to their new and improved world.

The equipment: the same Remora protein skimmer with 6 assorted sized powerheads and more to be added from my little collection.  The sand is 3 inches deep.  I don't know how many pounds of live rock, but I added several tufa rocks from the cichlid tank after boiling them.  The glorious lights are Coralife 2 (2x96) which is above, with only the blue below, and 4 *moonlights* pictured two down.  It is the same size as the tank and therefore must hang from the ceiling because the legs won't clear the skimmer's tube.

Lighting: This is the blue actinic light which goes on 30 minutes before the full light and remains on for 30 minutes after.  The Moonlights below are set to go on when the blue actinic goes off.  There are also a few streams of sunlight before 10 a.m.  Altogether it is a very bright tank with delightful rippling light effects.

The livestock: Kole tang, Clarkii clown, Flame Angel, purple pseudochromis, Green Chromis Blue starfish, Coral-banded shrimp, Croacia clam, Brittle star, turbo, margarita, bumble bee snails Open brain lps. Hammer coral lps. long-tentacled anemone, Candy Cane hard coral lps green finger leather, Ricordia brown button polyps, agriphora colt coral, multi-lobed gonipora

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