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Bellefonte Art Museum

November-December, 2022

Bellefonte Art Museum

January 1 - 29, 2021

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Kish 214 S. Allen st

February 2020

Foxdale August to October


Keller Collective Gallery
PSU 2019/2020

Arts Festival juried show
July 2019

Agriculture dep't, psu  2018, 2019



August 15 - October 15 2019

Schlow Library
April 1 -30 2019



Keller Art Gallery PSU
annual juried show


Bellefonte Museum of Art
January February 2018

Bellefonte Museum of Art
Talk to the Animals
December 2017

PSU School of Visual
Arts Gallery



Underwater: 72" x 24" mixed media on canv

Keller Art Gallery PSU
Fall 2017 - Spring 2018











Mount Nittany
hospital gallery










Pnn State Univ.

School of Visual
Arts Gallery

Extended loan



Rhoneymeade arboretum, sculpture garden, gallery

Scenes from Grange Fair

August 2017














Bellefonte Museum










State of Mind

April 2017


About the Body juried show

Feb, March 2017

Roy Love's Office
611 University Drive

Jan, Feb, 2017





Bellefonte Art Museum Holiday Show December 2016




Elk Creek

Sept, Oct, Nov 2016




Rhoneymeade arboretum, sculpture garden, gallery

July. August 2016

Fraser St. Gallery
August 2016
Fraser St. Gallery
July 2016



Fraser St. Gallery
June 2016


School of Visual Arts
Humpday Gallery

Color Narrative
juried show
March, April 2016



March, April, May, 2016



School of Visual Arts
Humpday Gallery
Geometric Abstraction

Feb, March 2016


The Pink Church, Julian

"Birds" Feb,March 2016


The Pink Church, Julian.

Dec.2015, Jan.2016


Agriculture dep't, psu



Bellefonte Art Museum

"Magical Moment"

December 2015

Jan. Feb. 2016


CPFA Images

July 2015

Fraser Street gallery

May 2015



S.Fraser st.

March 2015

Betsy Rodgers gallerySchlow libraryFeb.1 - feb.28, 2015


Bellefonte Museum

Talk to the Animals

Dec. 2014


Schlow library

5th annual juried show

July 7=31, 2014

ERIE Museum of Art 

April - July
90th annual show