This Thanksgiving we are going to Texas for an un-turkey pie of fall
harvest veggies.We are bringing jars of honey from the hives of Sylvia
John, Liam, and Fran. Becky and Sammy will taste the honeys and see
what's the difference between goldenrod and clover and others when
the .bees .slurp .up their pollen and turn. it . into sweet. yummy honey.


Well, not really bad, but terribly hungry and they eat dessert first!
John took photos of the bears before he shooed them outa his backyard.

.... ......
Liam got hit by bears, too.
The remains of Liam's bee hives. But, never fear, Liam to the rescue and all will be well
... ...
!!! Tah Dah !!!
Liam saved the day, rebuilt the hives, the bees came and we will have honey

. . ...

Thanksgiving Pie

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