1. No arms, hands back at sides, kick head down, kick head up.
2. One arm strokes, the other remains forward, breathe to side or forward,     Change arms at wall.
3. Lots of kicking, with and without board, with and without fins, because
    propulsion is easily 30% from kick.

1.  Roll totally onto your side, even kicking sideways. One arm straight
     above you in water, the other straight toward your feet. Take one
     stroke, roll to other side with NO twisting. Take one stroke with other
     arm. Kick at least six times and switch again. And again. and......
1. Swim with dolphin (butterfly) kick to introduce undulation into stroke.
2. Touch your heels to get your full kick.
3. Experiment breathing immediately and at the last moment.
1. One arm, change at wall.
2. Catch-up. Touch hand in front before stroking.
3. Fist swimming (get feel of water resistance from whole arm.
4. Ripple. Skim the water in recovery with fingers while elbow is held high.
5. Hypoxic swim. Reduce number of breaths. Easier with a pull-buoy.
6. Underwater recovery. Slide hand forward close to torso.

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