bi eight o
!!!! THE BIG EIGHT OH !!!!

            Any holiday that is observed with a feast is my idea of a good holiday. 
An 80th birthday certainly fits into that category.  Our three days of feasting began with Day 1: a triple melon soup, colors separated to appeal to the kids; 2 pizzas, one goat meat and goat cheese (to shock them into awareness that these were special meals) and the other shrimp (for the vegetarians among us); a mixed salad; a triple bomb of vanilla ice cream on the bottom, kiwi in the center, chocolate on the outside, and vanilla again in a little ball on top.  The main event the next day began with canapés.
                               Click on the food photos to see an enlarged view.

Canapés on the lawn: goat cheese,  smoked wild salmon, salmon caviar,
and a little caper on crackers

Poussin marinated in lemon, garlic, oil and rosemary, smoked for 2 hours

The tomatoes were stuffed with wild rice risotto.

The cake was a Paris Brest stuffed with all the different kinds of berries I could find plus whipped heavy cream.

Baked nests made of julienned root veggies, filled with quail egg, mozzarella, little onion, with artichoke, fiddleleaf fern, cherry tomato, on parsley and watercress.

Porgies ready to go on the charcoal.  Marinated same as the poussin, served with oyster mushrooms

Salad was standard Greek.

We had champagne, fun wines like Bully Hill, liqueurs, and espresso

The next night was much simpler.  We had some melon and prosciutto,
pasta with tomato sauce made from what was hollowed out of the
previous nights tomatoes plus pesto, followed by mixed salad and
strawberry yogurt.