FALL 1966
Schraers and Whitfields

Coquilles Saint Jacques

Watercress Soup

Delmonico steaks a la Bordelaise
Olives, cherry tomatoes

Endive Salad





FALL 1967
Lumleys Sheins

Mushrooms a la Greque

Artichoke and Cucumber Soup

Rainbow Trout with tomatoey brown sauce

Roast Duck with Orange Sauce
Potato croquettes, Asparagus

Avocado Salad


Chocolate Mousse, Grapes, Nuts, Sweets

Vermouth, White Bordeaux, Medoc, Chateauneuf du Pape
Grand Marnier, Cognac


FALL 1968
Shobaken, Sevik, Sholten

Oysters on the Half Shell

Lentil soup

Cornish Hens braised in red wine
Potato croquettes, braised leeks

Endive Salad

Chocolate Mousse

Turkish coffee

Candied orange peel, Chocolate meringues

White Burgundy, Red Rhone, Liqueurs


FALL 1968
Rogers, Abergs, Glenn, Peter, Whitfields

   Oysters on half shell

Cream of Artichoke soup

Duck Pie

Leg of Lamb, roasted
Chick peas

Endive Salad

Cheeses: stilton, goat, brie

Chestnut cream

Meringues, Candied oranges, Chocolate truffles

Sherry, Dubonnet, Pinot Chardonnay, California Burgundy, Liqueurs and Turkish Coffee


Garners, Eskews, Cutlers, Glenn, Peter and kids

Old fashions,

Crackers with purees of caviar and chickpeas, green olives and green onions

Turkey in the style of Coq au Vin
Stuffed with couscous
Casserole of Artichokes, Tomatoes, olives, mushrooms and shallots

Endive Salad

Variety of Pies

French coffee


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