May 8 2004
Most of us plus marvin and family, cutlers, ann
Again on June 5
Rima, Joanne, Morrills, Hermans

4 bottles cordon rouge Mumm champagne
Dole from Switzerland
local from the Peloponnese *
Dao from Portugal
Muscadet from the Loire
+ Bailey's Irish cream, also from trip
+Scotch brought back from trip
Guiness stout and Sam Adams light
Fizzy grape juice
Pernod water

Baba Ghanouj with pine nuts
Laban balls rolled in cilantro and parsley
Hummus, Taramasalata (in little tomatoes)
Olives, Dolmas, Artichokes a la greque, Pitas

Grape Gazpacho soup

Kebabs of (10)swordfish and (10)lamb and (10)veggies

Rice pilaf, Tomatoes stuffed with mixed veggies

Mixed greens, feta, and everything Greek salad


Coffee + Many liqueurs

Chocolate truffles Strawberries dipped in powdered sugar


JUNE 13 2005
Us for Emil’s 79th

Mumm Cordon Bleu Champagne

Oysters on the half Shell

Turkish Cucumber soup

Lobsters and Mussels in a Big Heap
8 types of peppers stuffed with risotto

Mixed Green Leaves Salad


Birthday Cake: dacquoise w/chocolate  buttercream

California Gewurtztraminer
Liqueurs and Coffee


The day before
HomeMade Pasta with 3 Sauces
Uncooked Tomato Uncooked Avocado Pesto


Chocolate Sorbet, Chocolate Meringues, Chocolate truffles


APRIL 15 2006
Cutlers, Morrills, Joanne, John
Repeated April 30
Martha, Judd, Jenny, Joe, Doug, Claire, Marvin, Joyce, Ann
Finally on JUNE 13 for the actual birthday
Will and family, Jean and family

Canapés  layer of goat cheese + salmon and s.caviar

Potato/squash/carrot/cheese/parsley nests
filled with avocado, parsley, quail egg, onion, olive, mushroom, mozzarella egg
on leaf with stemmed tiny tomatoes

Skewered Smoked poussin
On parsley
Tomatoes stuffed with wild rice risotto

Aspargus, olives, with orange peel vinagrette

Paris-Brest (choux paste circle)
filled with marinated berries/whipped cream

Champagne, Turkish Coffee


before the big day
June 11
Will, S, J, A , Jean. P, B, S, Us

Tri-melon soup with mint, and lime

Mixed salad

Spaghetti with green sort of pesto sauce

Ice cream mini-bombs (choc, kiwi, vanilla)
June 12

Stuffed avocado

Pizzas: 1 shrimp and 1 goat meat

Mixed salad

Chocolate dipped strawberries


September 23 2007
Isabella, Emil, Me, Marvin, Doug, Claire, Talia, Sophia,Warren, Lee,
John, Monica,Peter, Mary, Ann, Martha, Davis, Ava, Judd, Rachel

Pitas & Rye bread
Baba Ghanouj
Misc.beans salad
Taramasalata in little tomatoes

Swordfish kebabs


Big Fruit bowl

Turkish coffee


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