I make all bread the same way, every week. Not only do I use the dough for
pitas, but I also use it for pizza, filling it with whatever veggies I still have
the night before shopping. The bread on the left is the same dough as the pitas.
The rye to its right has only rye in the first stage plus an assortment of seeds.
I make a week's supply, the same amount I made for 36 pitas. Into a big bowl
I put 2 quarts of warm water with a tablespoon of yeast, then more than half
of a 5 pound bag of non-white flour. Hours later I add much more than another
half bag of white flour and knead. You can add salt then, but I don't. Several
hours later I divide into 8 loaves, place them all in a cold oven set at 500
degrees. About 15 minutes later, I turn them around and change the shelves
they're on, reduce the temp to 450 and bake at most 15 minutes more. It
is not much time spent because it's only 5 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes
around noon, and another 5 or 10 minutes before baking. Any flours will do.

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