Thanksgiving 2013

The cheese I made with yogurt, goat milk, and various herbs. 4 different color olives. I made the rye and wheat bread.

Main ingredient of soup was delicata squash plus fennel, corn, coriander, cumin, and lots of other veggies and spices.

Family eats shellfish, no meat, so lobster, crab legs and scampi baked in wine and oranges with sprinkling of pomegranate and berries.

Little peppers stuffed with everything in the fridge, topped with onions and stuff dried in a slow oven.

Blue potatoes steamed and baked with a pesto made of carrot tops, garlic, pistachios and I forget which cheese. Whatever I had.

The salad had lots of avocado and other stuff.

Instead of a crust on the cranberry pie, I used egg whites, butter, and raw sugar. When I turned it over, it kinda fell apart.

Happy Thanksukkah or however you spell it.