Fifty Swim Workouts
mostly easy to moderate

         Haven't swum laps in years?  Just getting back in and not ready for workouts? 
Need a plan to get started?  Expect it to take about six weeks.
You might want to try 0 to 1650 plan
before these

Maybe you're still a bit scared of the water? Try Fear of Water
There are also some simpler workouts at: Introduction to Workouts and Lunchtime Swims.
There's an explanation of swim terms at Swim Glossary

50 drawings for 50 swim workouts

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The easiest below are colored green   Click number on left to open page

ONE  About 1/2 freestyle, the rest drills,swim,&kick Fly, Back, &Breast
TWO  Freestyle 50's, then swim IM's and pull&swim Choice
THREE  Free fartlek, then combination of Fly+Free and Back+Breast
FOUR  Straight Freestyle+broken Choice
FIVE  Free 50's, then misc.Breastroke
SIX  Free 1650 pyramid, then Backstroke
SEVEN  1650 Free ladder, then IM 25's
EIGHT  Freestyle 25's, lots of Backstroke
NINE  Long Free warm-up, then IM and Breaststroke
TEN  Free & lots of Butterfly swim,drills,pulls,&kicks
ELEVEN  IM 125's, then straight Free alternating with broken Choice
TWELVE  Freestyle and IM
THIRTEEN  3 different workouts, #3 (Free)is especially good for triathletes
FOURTEEN  Mostly Freestyle
FIFTEEN  Freestyle, Choice, and IM
SIXTEEN  200's and 25's of all strokes
EIGHTEEN  Freestyle and IM
NINETEEN  Straight IM's + broken strokes
TWENTY  Freestyle 250's then a few stroke 25's
TWENTY ONE  Freestyle 2000 ladder, then IM125's rotating the 50
TWENTY TWO  All strokes in about equal amounts + a repeat of 13b (all free)
TWENTY THREE  Freestlye 50's and IM 175's,150's,etc.
TWENTY FOUR  All strokes in about even amounts
TWENTY FIVE  Tons of drills in all strokes
TWENTY SIX  Freestyle, IM. and Choice
TWENTY SEVEN  Lots of Freestyle, a bit of IM, + Choice
TWENTY EIGHT  Freestyle and Backstroke, mostly
TWENTY NINE  Freestyle and Breaststroke, mostly
THIRTY  Freestyle.Fartlek and IM 200's rotating the order
THIRTY ONE  Straight Freestyle and broken Choice
THIRTY TWO  All Freestyle 25's to 500
THIRTY THREE  M plus Freestyle
THIRTY FOUR  Freestyle 50's, some IM and Worst Stroke 25's
THIRTY SIX  Mostly Freestyle, straight alternating with broken
THIRTY SEVEN  IM plus Stroke
THIRTY EIGHT  Freestyle Pyramid
THIRTY NINE  IM, Breast, and Free
FORTY  Tons of IM
FORTY ONE  Plenty of freestyle, very many drills
FORTY TWO  Freestyle ladder + Choice set
FORTY FOUR  tough set of 5(5x100)
FORTY FIVE  Relays. Suitable for class or group of swimmers.
FORTY SIX  IM drills, etc. + a set of 50's, odds free and even choice
FORTY SEVEN  Alternating stroke and rotating stroke IM 100's
FORTY EIGHT  Straight free + broken choice
FORTY NINE  Almost all freestyle, easy pull and hard swim
FIFTY  Long set of 50's free + some IM

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